About CSO Architects

CSO Architects provides architectural and interior design services for corporate, civic and education clients across Indiana, the Midwest, and the nation. CSO Architects has always focused on client success. It's what motivates us to work diligently on small projects such as a local school's roofing project as well as larger projects like the Indianapolis Airport.

What employees say

“Teamwork. Everyone comes together to get a task completed when the need arises.”
“The appreciation I get every day. Everyone smiles and says hello. That makes me feel appreciated.”
“The people I work with. We share ideas that help me look at a design in a different light and also increases my knowledge.”
“That they actually stick to them. Most companies don't. That's one huge factor that separates us from everyone else.”
“CSO lets me know that they do appreciate my efforts.”
Where to find CSO Architects