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Albany Times Union Top Workplaces 2014
Bast Hatfield Construction

Employees in region:
HQ location:
Clifton Park, NY

Top Workplace
’12, ’13, ’14

About Bast Hatfield Construction

Bast Hatfield Construction, LLC is a General Contractor that has been in the business for 35 years. We are a full service General Contractor who can take a project from the early planning phase to final completion. Our projects can range in size from as large as $20 Million Plus to as small as a few thousand dollars, and our average yearly volume is between $75 Million and $85 Million. We have a bonding and insurance program to support this volume of work. We are expert in both new construction and renovation work. Our clients include many of the area?s schools, colleges, municipalities, big box stores, supermarkets, drug stores, industrial manufacturers, and developers.

The majority of our work is won through competitive bids where the lowest responsible price gets the job; the amount of this volume and this constant competition keeps our finger on the pulse of the construction market and our pricing razor sharp. Unlike many General Contractors today, Bast Hatfield still maintains a large number of skilled craftsman and we can self-perform much of our work including ? earthwork, concrete, masonry, steel and carpentry. Most of our work is performed locally, but we work all over the Northeastern United States and beyond. We have a dedicated Safety Director and an extensive and effective safety program (our insurance rates have been lowered over 57% in the last six years and our mod rate is 0.75 ? it is safer to work at Bast Hatfield than it is to work in a music store). We have dedicated a large instruction area in our facility specifically for safety training. Our company is organized around the philosophy that there is no separation between labor and management. The ?employees? of the company are all cooperatively involved in doing what they do best and they?re all trying to do it better all the time. Our compensation system is performance based. Upward mobility is at the very core of the philosophy. We provide upward mobility for our young people so as not to lock them into the restrictive ennui of a single trade category, in fact most of our upper management got their start as tradesmen in the field.

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What employees say

“Great pay and benefits, along with steady employment.”
“I've made a great career here.”
“I've worked as part of a family for most of my career here.”
“We always have plenty of work and I'm never laid off.”
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